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USPS - Museum Video Hits YouTube!

A very cool video from the USPS on how your mail moves! Each day the United States Postal Service processes hundreds of millions of pieces of mail and delivers to over 150 million addresses. At the center of this bustling postal network are more than a hundred Processing and Distribution Centers …

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USPS Mail Rates - Best Bargain In The World?

When looking at other industrialized nations, the United Postal Service is a bargain. To mail a letter first class in Norway will cost you a $1.63! Wow! We wonder how these higher rates effects the use of their postal system since the advent of e-mail. Here is the list from <>: …

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Direct Mail Tips From The USPS

"Direct mail creates a one-on-one connection that's hard for other media channels to match," says Tom Foti, USPS, Direct Mail and Periodicals. "The average household receives only two pieces of direct mail a day compared with 157 emails. It lets you incorporate coupons, reply cards, mobile barcodes …

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ACA Tax Causes Concern For Medical Manufacturers

A little-known provision of the Affordable Care Act has some medical manufacturing companies changing their revenue forecasts in anticipation of a tax on the sale of medical devices that some say could cost the U.S. industry nearly $30 billion over the next decade. While a bill aimed at repealing…

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