Canada Post Distribution

Letter Mail

First-class mail service providing the best transit times into Canada. All Canadian lettermail is processed and injected into CPC the following morning. Transit times range from 2-5 days.

Addressed Admail

Addressed Admail is the most cost-effective means for the distribution of promotional mail, catalogs, DVDs, and VHS tapes into Canada. A 1000 piece minimum is required. (Phantom rates available) Transit times range from 3-8 days.

Unaddressed Admail

An economical service targeting strategic marketing areas.
Transit times range from 3-8 days.

Publication Service

This service provides delivery of newspapers and periodicals into Canada and is an economical advantage versus USPS Publishers Periodical service. Transit times range from 3-8 days.

Parcel Service

The following service is an inexpensive alternative to both UPS and USPS for the delivery of parcels. There are three levels of parcel delivery. We also work with customs in advance to expedite delivery of your package.
Transit times vary based on level of service.


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