Why Us

Why Choose Us

Mail on the Move is the company of choice when your international mail must be delivered on time! We are located in Minneapolis Minnesota, with Fulfillment Centers in Minneapoilis, Chicago IL, and Los Angeles, CA. We provide on time results at very competitive pricing. We have impressed our clients around the world with excellent service and have stayed ahead of marketplace trends by providing world class and value added services that other mailing companies may not.

Our staff has over 100 years of collect professional experience in the international mailing and logistics industry. We have customized service programming that will save our clients time and money, plus offer additional insight that will go further than simply just delivering the mail.

What a wholesaler can do for your business

• Provide smart, end-to-end solutions that support all phases of your business cycle.
• Offer high-quality, cost-effective services to your company.
• Secure lower costs, reduced paperwork, and speedier international package delivery.

What it takes to be a wholesaler

• Must demonstrate the ability to provide smart, effective, end-to-end solutions.
• Pass a screening process.
• Meet certain volume requirements.
• Demonstrate specific capabilities (such as the ability to transfer package information and prepare manifests).


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